Bringing God’s Word To Public School Children

LANCASTER – Several Lancaster County public school districts are offering students an elective that teaches the Bible to their children and shows them their unique value in Christ. It’s called Bible2School and Executive Director Kori Pennypacker says they’ve been around for over three decades. They have been involved with second, third, and fourth grades at Manheim Central and Manheim Township school districts as well as the School District of Lancaster. Section 1546 of the Pennsylvania School Code allows children with parental permission to be released from school for religious education. The law allows Bible 2 School to teach the Bible to public school children one hour weekly, during their school day. Volunteer Coordinator Alicia Binkley says they could use more volunteers to joyfully bring God’s Word to children who are hungering spiritually. If you would like to help or to find out more about Bible2School, you can call 717-615-2944 or go to

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