Scam Warning To Pennsylvanians

HARRISBURG – Pennsylvania consumers are being warned about a recent scam involving phone calls regarding a phony “hold” on the consumer’s credit or debit card account. In the last few weeks, the state Attorney General’s Bureau of Consumer Protection has received similar complaints from multiple consumers regarding this scam. It consists of an automated call from a toll-free number telling the consumer that a hold has been placed on their credit or debit card account. If the consumer believes it is their card, they are asked to press “1” and then asked to enter the credit card number to proceed. Credit card companies will not ask consumers to give their information this way. The scam artists will also leave messages with a number to call back. The call’s recording also asks the consumer if they do not have the certain credit card mentioned to have a family member call back instead. Consumers can file a complaint regarding these or other scams by calling the Bureau of Consumer Protection’s toll-free helpline number at 1-800-441-2555 or online at

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