Two Area Teachers Sue PSEA To Protect Rights

HARRISBURG – Two area public school teachers have filed a lawsuit against the state’s largest teachers union, PSEA, to protect their rights as religious objectors. Lancaster County teacher Chris Meier wants the freedom to donate to the charity he wishes. He and Chester County teacher Jane Ladley are the plaintiffs in the lawsuit. As religious objectors, in lieu of paying union dues, the law allows them to contribute to an IRS approved charity of their choice; however, their money is being held in escrow by PSEA rather than being forwarded to the charities they selected. The only restriction the law specifies is that it must be a non-religious charity. Both teachers have selected non-religious charities, but PSEA has refused to release the funds and have suggested their own charities. The two are represented by the Fairness Center, a non-profit, public interest law firm that helps those facing unjust treatment from public employee unions. You can read a backgrounder on the case by CLICKING HERE.

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