Area Christian Ministry CEO Responds To Afghan Shooting

LEMOYNE (AP) – The leader of a Cumberland County Christian ministry that operates a hospital in Afghanistan where three people were killed by a security guard says he does not believe the shootings were motivated by religion. Dale Brantner is CEO of Lemoyne-based Cure International. He says Christians are generally respected in the Muslim world. Brantner says Thursday’s shootings and other recent deadly attacks seem more political than religious. He says the Cure hospital in Kabul has operated for 12 years as an “unapologetically Christian” facility that annually helps about 37,000 poor children. He mourned the death of Dr. Jerry Umanos of Chicago, who specialized in treating premature babies at the hospital. He says he has no information on the other two victims. Brantner asked people to pray with the 1,600 CURE employees worldwide that God would comfort the families of these victims as well as all those affected by this tragedy and give them a peace that truly defies human understanding.

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