Propane Truck Accident In Lancaster County Investigated

PENN TOWNSHIP – A propane truck overturned and began leaking at White Oak and Newport Roads in Penn Township, Lancaster County around 9 a.m. Thursday. Evacuations around the scene were done as a precaution. Persons eventually returned to their homes several hours later after Hazmat and emergency officials gave the all clear. The truck driver was taken to the hospital. Northern Lancaster County Regional Police are continuing their investigation.



Rear Facing Infant Car Seat Measure Advances

HARRISBURG – Legislation requiring infants younger than 2 to be restrained in a rear-facing child safety seat while in a vehicle has passed the PA House. Senate Bill 1152 now goes to the governor. Currently, state law requires all children younger than 4 to be properly secured in an approved car seat, but the law does not specify how the car seat should be facing. Numerous studies have shown rear-facing car seats do a far better job at protecting an infant’s head, neck, and spine. Once the bill is signed into law, which Gov. Tom Wolf has said he intends to do, Pennsylvania will become the fourth state to require rear-facing car seats for children younger than 2.

Autocycle Definition Bill Goes To Gov’s Desk

HARRISBURG – Gov. Tom Wolf’s desk will be getting legislation establishing a legal definition for increasingly popular, three-wheeled “autocycles.” Senate Bill 1108 will make clearer the distinction between the newly developed three-wheeled vehicles with two forward wheels and the more recognizable three-wheeled, trike-style motorcycles which have been around for many years. Models of the newer vehicles include the Polaris “Slingshot” and the Tanom Motors “Invader.” Specifically, the bill will define these vehicles as an autocycle and register and title them by creating a special designation under the existing motorcycle definition. Those wishing to operate an autocycle will be permitted to do so with a Class “C” driver’s license.


Call To Investigate Former PA DEP Head’s Departure

HARRISBURG – Lancaster County Sen. Ryan Aument is calling for an investigation into the conduct of John Quigley, former Department of Environmental Protection Secretary, who abruptly resigned from Governor Wolf’s cabinet on May 20. Aument said Quigley’s quick departure raises serious questions about his conduct while serving as the chief operating officer of the DEP. Given the recent discovery of incendiary emails, Aument believes a thorough review is needed to determine if anything inappropriate occurred relative to the application of regulations in a fair and transparent manner or in the issuance of environmental permits during Quigley’s tenure.


House Approves Cutler’s Cost Avoidance Measure

HARRISBURG – To save Pennsylvania taxpayers on-going maintenance costs in excess of $30,000, Lancaster County Rep. Bryan Cutler worked with the Department of General Services to draft legislation that would authorize the conveyance of land in Fulton Township, Lancaster County. The House passed the bill with a strong, bipartisan vote. House Bill 2003 would authorize DGS and the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission to award 60 acres of land and improvements known as Robert Fulton Birthplace to the Southern Lancaster County Historical Society. Cutler said the bill would enable the land to be used as a public historical site while also being mindful of our state’s finances. The bill now goes to the Senate.


Pro Second Amendment Rally Held In Harrisburg

HARRISBURG – Pro-Second Amendment state lawmakers joined together with gun owners from across the Commonwealth for the Rally to Protect Your Right to Keep and Bear Arms at the Capitol Rotunda in Harrisburg. One lawmaker, Rep. Ryan Warner of Westmoreland County says violence isn’t coming from law abiding citizens. He said a failure to teach morals and disregarding God has caused gun violence to escalate. Republicans and Democrats along with men and women stood together to urge state lawmakers to keep the Second Amendment rights of citizens. This was the 11th annual rally held in Harrisburg.


Discrepancy On What Happened To Adopted Horse

KENNETT SQUARE (AP) – The former owner of a horse adopted by Jon Stewart and his wife says the animal was not shot with paintballs, but was used as a canvas at children’s finger-painting parties. Doreen Weston says the white mare known as Lily was never injured by a paintball gun as had been reported. Her comments came on the same day the former “Daily Show” host’s wife, Tracey, officially adopted the horse in Kennett Square, Chester County. The Stewarts have an animal sanctuary at their New Jersey farm. Lily was found at an auction stable in New Holland in March. Police say she was covered in paint and extremely sore to the touch. The director of the Lancaster County SPCA says she doesn’t find Weston credible.

Fake Dauphin County Student Faces Federal Fraud Charges

HARRISBURG (AP) – A Ukrainian man accused of faking his name and age while attending a Dauphin County high school is now facing federal passport fraud and social security fraud charges. Prosecutors allege that 23-year-old Artur Samarin fraudulently applied for a passport in December 2015 using a false identity. They also say he earlier submitted false information to the Social Security Administration to get a social security card in the same name. Samarin was previously charged in Dauphin County with unsworn falsification, statutory sexual assault, corruption of minors, theft, and tampering with public records. Defense attorney Clarke Madden said he hopes people would keep an open mind about his client, whose story he said “we look forward to telling.”

Lancaster County Jail Kept Inmate Too Long

LANCASTER (AP) – Lancaster County Prison officials mistakenly kept an inmate locked up 17 months longer than the prisoner should have been. The Lancaster County Commissioners say the unidentified inmate was supposed to be released in November 2014, but wasn’t released until last month. The commissioners didn’t make clear when or how the error was discovered, but officials say they know how it happened. Officials say new charges against another inmate with the same name were mistakenly duplicated and put in both inmates’ files. Warden Cheryl Steberger issued a statement saying officials wanted to publicly acknowledge the mistake and apologize. The jail is making changes including reviewing the records of all inmates with the same last name.

Serious Crash In Lancaster County

BART TOWNSHIP (AP) – A Lancaster County crash involving a car and a van carrying Amish people caused injuries to ten people. State troopers and Bart Township fire and rescue crews responded to the crash about 5 a.m. today on Route 896 and Dry Wells Road. Police didn’t immediately release the names of those involved or say how the crash occurred. Officials say six people were treated for injuries at the scene, and four taken to Lancaster General Hospital. Their conditions could not be immediately determined. The crash remains under investigation.

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