Penn State Trustees Vote No On Freeh Report Examination

STATE COLLEGE (AP) – Penn State’s trustees will not take a fresh look at the 2012 report the university commissioned into how the Jerry Sandusky scandal was handled. The board voted 17-to-9 against a resolution by an alumni-elected trustee to comb through the report and seek answers from Louis Freeh, the former FBI director who led the team that produced it. The board did OK a resolution that said it will monitor ongoing legal proceedings related to the matter. The debate demonstrated the deep divide among board members about the report, which concluded football coach Joe Paterno and top administrators concealed key facts about Sandusky’s abuse to avoid bad publicity.

York Teen Arrested In School Stabbing

YORK (AP) – Police say a teenage student has been arrested in the stabbing of another student in a York County school. York city police said the 15-year-old victim was stabbed once in the back and arm with a knife at about 9:40 a.m. this Morning at Goodridge Academy. Officials said the two were apparently sitting in class together when the suspect stabbed the victim. Police said the youth was taken to York Hospital with injuries that weren’t life-threatening. Officers said the suspect was arrested at his home and will face aggravated assault and weapons charges. School officials have said that Goodridge Academy serves 75 students from grades 8 through 12 who have disciplinary issues.

MD’s Medical Marijuana Panel Meeting Today

ANNAPOLIS, MD (AP) – A Maryland panel on medical marijuana is looking at adjusting fees for growers, dispensers and patients, which critics say are too high. The commission, which did not vote on any regulations during a meeting today in Annapolis, also has added marijuana extracts to the regulations, so patients could ingest the drug without smoking. Rachelle Young, an attorney with the Marijuana Policy Project, says each day of delay is another day that patients must suffer.

PA High Court Heads Toward Uncertainty

HARRISBURG (AP) – The PA Supreme Court is likely to be without a tie-breaking vote for the rest of the year. The retirement by Democrat Seamus McCaffery comes as the seven-member panel is set to undergo significant change. Senate Minority Leader Jay Costa says it’s inappropriate to rush through the nomination and confirmation of a temporary replacement for McCaffery this year. Instead, Costa, an Allegheny County Democrat, says he prefers to wait until next year to consider nominations by a new governor to replace both McCaffery and Chief Justice Ronald Castille. Castille, a Republican, must retire at the end of this year because he’s reached the constitution’s mandatory retirement age of 70. Including the Castille and McCaffery seats, there will be three open high court seats up for grab in next year’s election.

Penn State Board To Discuss Disputed Freeh Report

STATE COLLEGE (AP) – Penn State’s trustees are getting together to discuss a 2-year-old report by former FBI director Louis Freeh that concluded football coach Joe Paterno and top administrators concealed key facts about Jerry Sandusky’s abuse of children to avoid bad publicity. The topic for today‘s meeting in State College is a push by alumni members to re-examine the report, which many alumni feel used flimsy evidence and unfairly blamed the school’s football culture for Sandusky’s criminal acts. The board plans to meet privately for about an hour and then have an open discussion. Alumni board member Anthony Lubrano says he hopes the board will appoint a group to examine the report and develop questions, and then bring in Freeh and members of his team to provide answers.

NRB Urges Christians To “Get Out The Vote”

MANASSAS, VA – National Religious Broadcasters has initiated a “Get Out the Vote” campaign to encourage Christians across America to cast their votes in the upcoming election, which could prove to be one of the most crucial in our nation’s history. NRB is featuring public service announcements from some very familiar radio broadcasters such as Chuck Swindoll, David Jeremiah, Tony Evans, John Daly, Dennis Rainey, and Luis Pulau. NRB President & CEO, Dr. Jerry Johnson says he believes the campaign is needed because of our country’s current direction. he adds it can positively bring change that will make for a better future.


Pastor Who Performed Same Sex Marriage Keeps Ordination

NASHVILLE – A former area pastor who was disciplined after he officiated at the same sex wedding of his son will be allowed to remain an ordained minister. The United Methodist Church’s Judicial Council ruled Monday that a Pennsylvania church jury was wrong to defrock Frank Schaefer last year after he would not promise never to perform another same sex marriage. The council ruled on technical grounds and did not express support for same-sex marriage in general. The Church’s Book of Discipline rejects homosexual marriage as “incompatible with Christian teaching” and its clergy are forbidden from conducting same-sex marriages and unions. Schaefer served as pastor of Zion United Methodist Church of Iona in Lebanon County. John Lomperis, director of United Methodist Action, says “This episode follows a long pattern of conservative United Methodists bending over backwards to be gracious to church-killing radicals,” who he says “abuse the grace they are offered to selfishly hurt the church.”



PA Supreme Court Justice Retires

HARRISBURG (AP) – PA Supreme Court Justice Seamus McCaffery is retiring immediately and leaving the court. McCaffery wrote a letter to Gov. Corbett on Monday less than two weeks after the chief justice disclosed McCaffery sent or received 234 emails with sexually explicit content. McCaffery’s letter says he’s proud of his service and also says he won’t seek senior status as a judge, run for a judgeship or be appointed to the bench. The state’s Judicial Conduct Board says it’s ending an investigation of the Democrat, because the most serious possible penalty is removal from office and prohibition from holding future judicial office.



PA Homeschool Bill Goes To Governor’s Desk

HARRISBURG – Legislation that would benefit homeschoolers is on its way to the governor’s desk for his signature. House Bill 1013 provides oversight for the approval of homeschoolers’ education portfolios easing the burdens on superintendents and families, who have been concerned in some districts where some superintendents have sat on portfolios and not approved them in a timely manner. Lancaster County Rep. Ryan Aument, a supporter of the measure, added that under the changes made by the bill, a state-approved evaluator, who already has authorization to certify that an appropriate education is taking place, will be able to provide certification to the school district superintendent. Additionally, the measure removes duplicative practices in the homeschool program that cause delay and frustration to families during the diploma certification process.



Medical Marijuana Panel May Vote On Regulations

ANNAPOLIS, MD (AP) – A Maryland panel could begin voting on regulations to make medical marijuana available in Maryland. The state commission is scheduled to meet today in Annapolis. Maryland lawmakers authorized 15 licensed marijuana growers in the state in legislation this year after a previous medical marijuana law approved in 2013 stalled. People were not able to get marijuana for medicinal purposes under that law. That’s because it required academic medical centers to run the programs. None stepped forward.