PA Marijuana Reform Proposed

HARRISBURG – A legislative package intended to reform marijuana laws in Pennsylvania is being proposed by Philadelphia state Sen. Mike Stack. Senate Bill 1307 would reduce possession of less than an ounce of marijuana to a summary offense for the first two offenses and allow District Attorneys to decide whether or not they would prosecute someone for a third offense or beyond. Senate Bill 1308 will make it easier for former offenders to find a job by allowing those arrested for possessing small amounts of marijuana to apply to have their record expunged after five years. Stack says that “the permanent stain of a criminal conviction for a small amount of marijuana can prevent truly reformed young men and women from getting a good job and can push them back into a cycle of crime.” He added beyond the financial cost, our antiquated marijuana laws clog our criminal justice system and consume time that can be better spent arresting and prosecuting violent criminals.

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