York County Senator Backs House Budget Proposal

HARRISBURG – The PA House returned to Harrisburg yesterday as a two-month budget stalemate shows no signs of ending. The Republican majority went behind closed doors Monday afternoon to discuss a plan to balance the budget without borrowing or expanding gambling. Their plan is the result of a comprehensive examination of the state budget, during which there were discovered taxpayer dollars stowed away and sitting idle in special government accounts with high, unused balances. Some of the accounts have not been drawn down in recent years. The plan does not raise taxes on natural gas, electric, and telephone bills, which would impact every taxpayer in the state. It’s not clear whether the plan has enough support to pass, and what happens after that if it doesn’t. Gov. Tom Wolf supports a tax increase and borrowing plan that passed the state Senate in July. York County Sen. Scott Wagner opposed the Senate’s spending plan and says the state House has been working on hard on finding a budget solution with the governor missing from the process. At issue is how to come up with $2.2 billion to keep state agencies, programs, schools, and institutions funded at levels supported overwhelmingly by lawmakers in a $32 billion spending agreement. Gov. Tom Wolf says he’s out of options to make payments on time.


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