New Voting Systems In PA To Provide Paper Record

HARRISBURG – The Wolf Administration is taking steps to increase the security and auditability of all voting systems used in the Commonwealth. Acting Secretary of State Robert Torres issued a directive that all Commonwealth voting systems purchased from February 9, 2018, forward must employ a voter-verifiable paper ballot or paper record of votes cast. Torres said. “The current voting equipment in counties works and can be audited. But new voting machines with paper ballots or voter-verifiable paper backup will improve auditability and augment security.” Over the next few years, Pennsylvania’s counties will replace much of their aging voting equipment. The directive informs them of the specifications they must consider when purchasing new voting equipment. The department wants to be sure counties move to voting systems that meet their needs for accessibility and security and make audits easier. Officials at the PA Department of State say they’ve “made no determination” on whether they will eventually bar the use of the antiquated voting machines.


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