Martin Bill Prohibits Abortion Based On Down Syndrome Diagnosis

HARRISBURG – Legislation has now been introduced by Lancaster County Sen. Scott Martin prohibiting the practice of selectively aborting babies based solely on a diagnosis of Down syndrome. Current law prevents babies from being aborted based solely on their gender. Martin’s Senate Bill 1050 would provide a similar protection for unborn children who are diagnosed in utero with Down syndrome. In current practice, many physicians encourage mothers to consider aborting babies who may have Down syndrome. Some studies show that as many as 90% of children diagnosed in utero with Down syndrome are aborted. Martin said, “It is about eugenics – the heavily criticized practice of discarding children if they do not have certain ‘desirable’ traits.” He added that are a wealth of resources available today to help families who are affected by this genetic condition and we are seeing more individuals with Down syndrome attending college and entering the workforce than ever before.


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