PA Congressional Redistricting Called Constitutional Chaos

HARRISBURG – PA Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman commented on the constitutional crisis caused by Gov. Wolf’s refusal to work together on a congressional redistricting map. The Republican lawmaker said if the state Supreme Court follows its order and on Monday produces a map, he says one person, a Stanford professor, will come to Pennsylvania to produce a congressional map for Pennsylvanians to live under, rather than a constitutional process where the people through their representatives put the map together. Corman called the situation “chaos,” quoting the Democrat Justice on the PA Supreme Court Max Baer, who said, “I continue to suggest respectfully that the Court reconsider it’s decision giving the substantial uncertainty, if not outright chaos, currently unfolding in this Commonwealth regarding the impending election.” Republican lawmakers are threatening to file a federal court challenge to any map the state Supreme Court may produce.


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