Rallying For Down Syndrome Protection Legislation

HARRISBURG – Pro life and pro family groups, lawmakers, and citizens rallied at the Capitol Rotunda in Harrisburg in support of the Down Syndrome Protection Act – House Bill 2050 & Senate Bill 1050. The legislation would prohibit an abortion of any child solely due to a diagnosis of possible Down syndrome. Estimates show at least 67% of families in the United States when given a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome choose to abort the baby with many families right here in Pennsylvania being pressured by medical professionals to have an abortion when given this diagnosis. The proposed Down Syndrome Protection Act would not change existing law which permits a woman to obtain an abortion in cases of rape, incest or endangerment to the mother. The PA Family Council, PA Pro Life Federation, and PA Catholic Conference joined with state House Speaker Mike Turzai, Lancaster County Sen. Scott Martin and Blair County Rep. Judy Ward, the prime sponsors of the legislation. A coalition of allied organizations has launched a new website – ProtectAtDiagnosis.com – offering further education and support for the Down Syndrome Protection Act. Part of the website includes 21 photos and stories of children and adults with Down syndrome in Pennsylvania.

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