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Effort To Get Military Decorations Back Where They Belong


HARRISBURG РPA Treasurer Joe Torsella announced a new phase in his initiative to reunite veterans and their families with the military decorations they have earned. The state Treasury has launched a new website solely dedicated to reuniting military decorations that have been reported as unclaimed property with their rightful owners. The new search function allows users to search their names or the name of a loved one to see if the Treasury is holding a military decoration as unclaimed property. In addition, users can look through a photo gallery featuring some of the decorations that are in the unclaimed property vault, as well as medals that have been returned to their rightful owners. Military decorations are often reported to the Treasury as contents held in a safe deposit box that has gone unclaimed or abandoned. Since Torsella took office, the Treasury has returned 58 service decorations, some of which have been in Treasury’s custody for decades, including Purple Hearts, to their rightful owners. Treasury continues to search for the owners of over 500 unclaimed military awards. By clicking on the picture below, you can search for military decorations.

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