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Remembering A Tragic Day In History


SHANKSVILLE (AP) – President Donald Trump recalled “the moment when America fought back” during a ceremony in Shanksville, Pennsylvania marking the Sept. 11 terror attacks. Trump said the Flight 93 passengers and staff bravely charged the cockpit to attack the enemy, fought until the very end to stop the forces of terror and defeated a wicked, horrible, evil plan. At the World Trade Center in New York, the names of those lost were being solemnly recited. That ceremony included moments of silence and tolling bells. Some tearful readers mentioned how much they miss their loved ones. Vice President Mike Pence has told family members of the 184 people killed at the Pentagon on 9/11 that the nation still grieves with them. He says the terrorists “hoped to break our spirit and they failed.” A number of area events were held to remember those who died and sacrificed so much during the attacks.

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