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Regulation Of Human Milk Banks Passes PA House Panel


HARRISBURG – The PA House Health Committee approved a bill to regulate and license donor human milk banks in the Commonwealth. House Bill 2516 seeks to ensure the supply of human milk gathered and stored at these banks is healthy and safe. Milk banks screen volunteer donors and collect, store, and process the milk for distribution, but there are no guidelines established in state law. The measure would set those parameters so that all milk banks rely on the same standards. Donor milk is life-saving medicine for infants with very low birth weights less than 4 pounds and is also medically prescribed for children with heart problems and other compromising health care issues. Under the bill, the PA Department of Health would license donor milk banks and the department would have to prepare a report providing the number and location of licensed milk banks and a summary of the amount of donor milk donated, processed, and distributed in Pennsylvania.

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