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Changes To PA Special Education Teacher Certification


HARRISBURG – Changes to the way current and future special education instructors are and will be certified are a signature away from becoming law in Pennsylvania. House Bill 1386 passed the state House and goes to Gov. Wolf’s desk. Current law certifies special education instructors to teach either PreK-8 or grades 7-12. It also requires additional certification in an area of specialization. The bill would allow anyone who obtains a special education teaching certificate after Dec. 31, 2021, to teach Pre-K through grade 12 or up to 21 years of age. It also would do away with the need for additional certification. Accommodations would be made to allow current special education instructors to teach PreK-12 or up to 21 years of age using their existing certificate through continuing education or assessment testing. The bill also calls for the Department of Education and Joint State Government Commission to study and report on progress related to these changes. House Bill 1386 is supported by both the Pennsylvania School Boards Association and the Pennsylvania State Education Association.

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