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No Charges Yet For Lancaster County Woman Driver In Fatal Crash


LANCASTER – As of now, Lancaster County authorities are not releasing the name of the 63-year-old female driver involved in Fridays fatal crash in Lititz. According to the Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office, they are temporarily deferring that public identification for investigative purposes, specifically to preserve the integrity of accounts of what took place. They say these are unique circumstances and a more detailed explanation will be provided at the appropriate time. The woman has not yet been charged with any crimes and the investigation is ongoing and complex. It should be noted, the woman is not at personal liberty and cannot and will not be driving a vehicle. There is no current danger to the public that she could cause another crash. Investigators have been in contact with other drivers and passengers involved in the crash and their relatives. Aside from the two students – Jack Nicholson and Meghan Keeney – who died, there were four others transported from the crash for injuries. The female driver and a juvenile remain hospitalized. Two adult females have since been released from the hospital. Officials are being as transparent as possible without jeopardizing the collaborative investigation into this extremely tragic incident. Anyone with information pertaining to the accident is asked to contact Northern Lancaster County Regional Police at 717-733-0965 or Lititz Borough Police at 717-626-6393.



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