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Time To Be Alert for Deer While Driving


HARRISBURG – It’s the beginning of breeding season for whitetail deer. As a result, the potential of striking a deer with your vehicle will increase over the next few months. State officials say there are things you can do that may help to prevent hitting a deer. Do not exceed the speed limit. Not only will this keep you from getting a ticket, but the slower you travel also allows more time to react if a deer should jump out in front of you. Stay alert and scan the sides of the roadway ahead of you. If you see a deer about to cross the road or glowing eyes in your headlights, either stop or slow down significantly. If one deer crosses, assume more will follow. Use extra caution at dawn and dusk, as these are the peak times for deer movement. Deer will cross anywhere they want, not just at deer crossing signs. If driving at night and there are no vehicles in front of you, use your high beam headlights. Should a deer jump out in front of you, brake firmly and do not swerve unless you’re positive you won’t strike something else. Hitting a 150-lb deer will likely cause less damage and personal injury than striking another vehicle or a tree. Don’t assume deer whistles or your horn will keep a deer from crossing. If you do hit a deer, call 911. Not only will your insurance want you to report the accident, but the deer will often not die immediately. An officer will respond to dispatch the deer in as safe a manner as possible.

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