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Harrisburg Diocese Announces Compensation Program For Victims


HARRISBURG – Roman Catholic Diocese of Harrisburg Bishop Ronald Gainer announced the development of the Diocese’s Survivors’ Compensation Program to help the victims of clergy sexual abuse. The program will be led by attorney Kenneth Feinberg, who is specialized in administering similar types of victim programs such as the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund. The program will begin providing financial resources and other assistance to survivors, as an addition to services already being provided, early next year. The resources will not come from money donated to local parishes and to the Diocese, but from reserve, unrestricted Diocesan accounts, the yields from Diocesan investments, and from insurers. The Diocese’s new website,, also contains information on how to report child sexual abuse, contact information for the Victim Assistance Office, and detailed information on how the Diocese is confronting the issue. You can view a video message from Bishop Gainer on the Survivors’ Compensation Program below.

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