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Lancaster County Senator & His Wife To The Rescue At Barn Fire


EAST DRUMORE TOWNSHIP – Lancaster County Sen. Scott Martin and his wife Amber helped in a Solanco barn fire Thursday morning. On his Facebook page, Martin wrote “It’s amazing how the Lord really puts you in the right places and at the right times.” Martin was taking his wife to a doctor appointment and was on Route 372 east of the Buck intersection when they saw the beginnings of a barn fire. Some Amish children waved them down as they came out of a one-room schoolhouse near the front of the property. The Martins called 911. Amber Martin started to get the children to stay away from the scene. A little boy came out of the house and told her that he couldn’t get the horses out of the barn. The mom had run somewhere to find someone with a phone to call 911. The barn was fully ablaze and as it blew towards the house, the siding of the home was starting to melt. Sen. Martin ran into the home and evacuated three young children. At this point, several people joined the Martins to save the horses. Soon after, fire crews arrived to put out the blaze.

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