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Police Say Be Careful With Panhandlers


LANCASTER – With people in the giving mood and wishing to help others in need, police warn that many panhandlers that frequent our area are exhibiting a false pretense. Lancaster County’s Manheim Township Police has seen an increase in the number of people asking for monetary funds. Panhandlers are frequently seen in business districts, along major roadways, or other locations that experience heavy traffic. This is especially true in areas where one might have to wait for a period of time, such as at an exit off ramp or waiting for a traffic signal. Many of the panhandlers are not homeless or in need of charity. They recognize that this area is very generous and by standing out and asking for monetary donations, they earn hundreds of dollars in a day. Police say the act of giving money to a random stranger can also be dangerous. Earlier this month in Harford County, MD, a woman was stabbed to death by two people who were panhandling at an intersection. While choosing to give money to someone is a personal choice, police say you should be careful.