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New PA Law Gets Tougher On Habitual DUI Offenders


HARRISBURG – A new law cracking down on habitual DUI offenders will go into effect on Sunday. Act 153 of 2018, which was signed into law in October, increases penalties for repeated DUI crimes and repeat offenders who cause the death of another person. Under the new law, any individual convicted of their third DUI with a blood alcohol count of .16 or higher could be found guilty of a felony offense. The same penalty would apply to all individuals convicted of four or more DUI offenses. The law also increases penalties for motorists who cause the death of another person as a result of a DUI, including a potential first-degree felony charge for repeat offenders. In addition to the measures targeting repeat DUI offenders, the new law also includes stiffer punishments for motorists who drive on a suspended or revoked license, including additional jail time for motorists who are found guilty of aggravated assault by vehicle or homicide by vehicle without a valid license while DUI.