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Proposal Would Impact Confiscated Weapons


HARRISBURG – A Philadelphia County lawmaker is planning to introduce a bill mandating that law enforcement agencies across Pennsylvania return confiscated weapons or destroy those unrecovered by the rightful owners. Rep.-Elect Mary Isaacson said by destroying unclaimed confiscated weapons, we can ensure that no one is profiting off of a former crime or using the same weapon to conduct another one. Her proposal would require law enforcement to make a reasonable effort to identify and return all firearms to their rightful and lawful owners. If an owner cannot be identified within 120 days, the firearm would be destroyed. The legislation would not require that a confiscated or recovered firearm be destroyed if it is evidence in an ongoing investigation, criminal prosecution, or civil litigation. Individuals who are prohibited from possessing a firearm would not have their weapons returned to them. The bill would also require that all confiscated weapons be destroyed at facilities in Pennsylvania.