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PA Lawmakers Sworn Into Office For New Session


HARRISBURG – State lawmakers are ready for the coming two-year session after being sworn into office in Harrisburg on New Year’s Day. The state House welcomed 42 new members and seven new state senators took the oath of office on Tuesday after winning election in November. Three House seats aren’t filled, all belonging to Democrats. One resigned, one died in office, and a newly elected member is on her honeymoon. A Republican senator is expected to step down and be sworn in to Congress later this week. Both chambers will have smaller, but still substantial Republican majorities, 110 to 93 in the PA House and 29 to 21 in the PA Senate. The biggest change in leadership is in the state House, where Lancaster County Rep. Bryan Cutler is taking over as House Majority Leader. Allegheny County Rep. Mike Turzai was re-elected as House Speaker as was Sen. Joe Scarnati of Jefferson County as his chamber’s President Pro Tempore.