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A Successful 2019 PA Farm Show Ends


HARRISBURG – Half a million visitors from the Commonwealth and way beyond its borders experienced the stories of the people of Pennsylvania’s agriculture and food industry during the 103rd PA Farm Show. Officials say based on a count of paid cars parked, average attendance was up from 2018 every day, with the exception of Friday. The first three days alone saw an increase of more than 5,800 cars. Food Court vendors reported record sales. PA Dairymen’s Association used more than 21,000 gallons of ice cream in its milk shakes and ice cream cones, 350 loaves of bread for grilled cheese sandwiches, and 3.25 tons of mozzarella cheese for cheese cubes. PA Beekeepers Association sold more than 600 gallons of honey ice cream and over 7,500 pounds of honey. PA Co-Operative Potato Growers sold six tons of baking potatoes, 12 tons of French fries, and 24,000 potato donuts. The PA Livestock Association sold 45,000 sandwiches. PA Apple Growers Association sold 180 bushels of apples and 3,000 pints of cider. And the PA Vegetable Growers sold 9,050 servings of batter-dipped vegetables, 4,600 blooming onions, 1,200 salads, 6,300 strawberry surprises, and 2,200 raspberry lemonades.