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Hard as it may be to believe, the hoax concerning Christian broadcasting continues to flourish. Calls concerning Petition #2493 come to WDAC on a regular basis, especially since some enterprising soul added a reference to the TV program “Touched By An Angel”. That has given new life to a hoax that is over 25 years old and which has generated well over 20 million unnecessary petitions to the FCC. Here at WDAC, we want to express our deep appreciation to all of you who call to check the validity of this story before it goes any further. This new version of an old hoax joins several other “urban legends” that never seem to die. The only success we’ve had toward getting them stopped is that by now nearly all our listeners have been alerted to the hoax and call us when they see the petitions. Thank you for your help. If someone tries to give you one of these petitions, or if you see them being distributed somewhere, PLEASE do whatever you can to get them stopped. Any time you are asked to sign a petition or circulate a story, look for the source. What organization is promoting this action? If you cannot identify a reliable source, have no part of it.