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HD Radio is digital broadcasting which provides dramatically higher quality audio to you, the listener!

The HD Radio signal is static-free and crystal-clear, much like the sound quality of a CD. No more hiss and no more audio distraction.

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HD Radio technology also affords radio stations the opportunity to “multi-cast.” This means that an FM station can broadcast multiple signals on the same frequency. For the listener, that means more stations, more variety, more choices! And, unlike subscription-based satellite radio services, HD Radio is free – no subscription costs, no plans, no monthly bills. You only pay for the HD Radio receiver.

Please Note:

In order to hear the HD and HD2 signals, you will need to be in a good reception area. This means that if you are in an area that does not receive the 94.5 signal well, then you may also need to purchase an additional antenna and/or RF amp to boost the signal strength